A backup is a second copy of all your important data on your computer, phone or tablet. The data can consist of files, documents, emails and photos. Without a backup, it can be difficult to recover data if your device or laptop is stolen or broken. It is important to back up data regularly on a day-to-day basis and more regularly if you write a lot of data throughout the day.


Chewing IT – backup experts on the Central Coast

Ask yourself: how and when do you back up your data?


Then ask yourself: how would you restore this data if you lost your devices, or your server crashed?


​Chewing IT can provide a backup system for your entire IT environment with a trusted solution that takes snapshot images of your data, every minute, hour or day according to your requirements. This, in turn, can be replicated to another drive or a hosted Cloud environment for disaster recovery purposes, depending on your internet connection.


Ask us how we can transform the way you back up your data and more importantly, recover it, if the situation arises.

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BACKUP and Disaster Recovery Solutions